Manifest Your Gifts

Shika Ray Manifest Your Gifts

The importance of manifesting your gift

Unfortunately, most people leave this world with the only proof of existence being on their tombstone. Having a life doesn’t guarantee success and it certainly doesn’t guarantee legacies and that is why manifesting your gift is important. Find out what makes you different enough to stand out and shine.

How do you manifest your gift?

Seek purpose before searching for your gift. 

If you love to do something, you're great at it, and you believe that it's your purpose, THAT IS YOUR GIFT.

The three questions below will allow you to identify the gift you should manifest:

1) Are you willing to work on it consistently?

2) Are you willing to take uncomfortable risks?

3) Are you willing to work for absolutely no compensation to produce your gift? 

If you've identified your gift, make a commitment to do something each day that will allow you to become an expert in that area. 

Current Situations

You can never become what you can be, until you get angry with where you are. 

Are you content with mediocrity? If so, continue to live your mediocre life. As gifted GOAL diggers, we have a bigger vision and being mediocre isn't apart of it. Become the person who despises your current situation so much that you constantly work toward changing it.

Whatever you don’t hate, you allow and whatever you hate, you change.

Gift maintenance

It’s important to develop habits that are necessary for self-growth. Read motivational books, read motivational blogs *wink wink*, listen to podcasts and watch videos that will instill success habits in your mind. These contents will allow you to be so much more valuable and whatever gives you value is the source of your wealth.

"Everyone wants to “secure the bag”, but once you secure your gift the bag comes effortlessly." Shika Ray


Take Action

Less talking, more actions. More consistency, less excuses. Less contentment, more growth.

Key Notes 

1: Understand your destiny

2: Have a clear vision 

3: Believe you can fulfill it

4: Have a plan to execute 

5: Stay away from “Gift-Killers"/negativity 

6: Be persistence

7: Be consistency 

8: Persevere

9: Make a commitment

10: Never attempt to fulfill your gift without God 

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