Building Your Vision

Allow yourself to create a clear vision by putting everything you've envisioned on PAPER. Use the structure you've written to move you into the direction of what you truly want. Use the information below to guide you with your vision building:

- Don't let the opinions of others alter your decisions 

- People will always have something negative to say. You must be tough enough to display resilience.  

- Devour something and attack it like you’ve never done before. This means, if you want to accomplish something, do it with all your might. Never be mediocre!

- If you try something that doesn’t work, it will be that “thing” to lead you to the “RIGHT THING.”

- If you see money as an issue, it will cease your progression.

- Treat everyone as though they're the most important person on earth because they will remember. Besides, you never know if you may need them to help you build your vision.

- Distinguish your intentions for each moment.  

- Your vision is now a dream that can be reality if you work for it to be. 

- God gives us opportunities and what we create from the opportunities given to us is our gift to him. Take advantage of the opportunities given so he gets the credit he deserves.

- Your relationship with God is a partnership. He gave you a brain, the vision, and your job is to execute.  

- "As a man thinketh, so shall he be." Change your mindset about your personal beliefs.

- Stop grieving over what you've lost, if you needed it you wouldn’t have lost it. 

- It’s not about where you’re trying to go, it's about what you're willing to leave behind to get there.

- Study the trends of the industry relating to your vision.

- Make sure you analyze the right things to do at the right times.

- Create something purposeful, money will come. Never build something just for the money.

- Solve problems. Make sure your vision is a solution.

- Remember, innovation is more about changing the form than changing the flavor.

- You must resist all the irrelevant natures that has absolutely nothing to do with your destiny. 

- Develop the toughness that is necessary to survive.

- Go forward in life without hesitations. When you hesitate, you change your rhythm of life. Try, fail, try again, repeat, succeed. 

- Tests are made to make or break you. You'll either grow or self-destruct through them, you decide.

-  Never be too complacent.


Shika Ray

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