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Manifest Your Gifts

The importance of manifesting your gift Unfortunately, most people leave this world with the only proof of existence being on their tombstone. Having a life doesn’t guarantee success and it certainly doesn’t guarantee legacies and that is why manifesting your gift is important. Find out what makes you different enough to stand out and shine. How do you manifest your gift? Seek purpose before searching for your gift.  If you love to do something, you're great at it, and you believe that it's your purpose, THAT IS YOUR GIFT. The three questions below will allow you to identify the gift you should manifest: 1) Are you willing to work on it consistently? 2) Are you willing to take uncomfortable risks? 3) Are you willing to work for...

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Building Your Vision

Allow yourself to create a clear vision by putting everything you've envisioned on PAPER. Use the structure you've written to move you into the direction of what you truly want. Use the information below to guide you with your vision building: - Don't let the opinions of others alter your decisions  - People will always have something negative to say. You must be tough enough to display resilience.   - Devour something and attack it like you’ve never done before. This means, if you want to accomplish something, do it with all your might. Never be mediocre! - If you try something that doesn’t work, it will be that “thing” to lead you to the “RIGHT THING.” - If you see money as an issue, it...

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It's Okay To Change!

Because you're changing, you must act accordingly, be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and set the bar extremely high. Understand that you are worthy of all the things life has to offer and in order to receive the blessings, you must be adaptable to change. Change in order to become your BEST SELF.  

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